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cinnamon has often been used by people

For thousands of years, cinnamon has often been used by people as a special spice, blending in traditional dishes. Besides, there are cinnamon sticks, cinnamon essential oil as a remedy to treat and prevent diseases. Currently, cinnamon is also used to decorate homes, cinnamon christmas, cinnamon decorations because of the great uses they bring.

Overview of decorative cinnamon.
Cinnamon is a plant quite familiar to life, and can be used as both a spice and a medicine from time immemorial. In the genus Cinnamomum there are many different species of cinnamon. In the world, two common species are known:
Chinese Cinnamon (scientific name is Cinnamomum cassia Blume) Sri Lankan cinnamon, or cinnamon (scientific name is Cinnamomum zeylanicum Nees)
In Vietnam, in localities such as Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, there is also a precious species of cinnamon with the scientific name of Cinnamomum loureirii Nees. This article will mainly deal with this species.
It is a woody plant with evergreen leaves, more closely related to the Chinese species than to Sri Lankan despite belonging to the same genus. The leaves are ovate at both ends, narrow, slightly pointed. The white flowers grow in clusters at the ends of the leaves or at the tips of the branches. Long ovoid nut.
The bark and branches are spicy and have a strong aroma. People exploit the bark of the trunk, branches to make medicine in Eastern medicine, make spices, herbs for skin care... Leaves can be used to distill essential oils. Wood is used to make handicrafts, interior decorations…

The effect of cinnamon decorations
Cinnamon whole tree used for home decoration, Christmas decoration in vintage style
Cinnamon is already tied with string, easy to hang the pine tree, cinnamon ornaments, cinnamon christmas
Natural exfoliation for lips, helping your lips plump
The effect of reducing pain and inflammation caused by rheumatism
Decoration materials, Decor
Decorating a cup of scented candles
Decorate the desk
Decorate around flower vases, feng shui flower pots...
Deodorize the air

Cinnamon decorations
Currently, besides the usual cinnamon used as a spice, which is popular in the domestic market as well as in many foreign markets,
There is still another type of cinnamon called forest cinnamon.
Although this type of cinnamon has very little flavor, it has a much nicer appearance than regular cinnamon.
Forest cinnamon looks thicker and has a natural reddish color, highly aesthetic.
In the past, forest cinnamon was mainly used for incense or wood. However, in recent years, cinnamon has been interested by many international customers for decorative purposes.
They think that forest cinnamon is very suitable for decoration because not only does it look better than regular cinnamon, but the price of forest cinnamon is also much cheaper.
Currently, many countries in Europe and the United States love to use cinnamon as decorations during holidays, especially Christmas and New Year.
They pay little attention to the taste of Cinnamon but only need beautiful and cheap cinnamon sticks for decoration.Therefore, forest cinnamon is an optimal choice for decorative purposes.

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