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Free and Easy travel is attracting tourists

Free and Easy travel is attracting tourists thanks to its low cost advantage and initiative in terms of time. Besides, the movement of self-organizing free and easy tours is also quite popular among young people, especially those with a good income and "blood" to travel.
Free & easy tours often include the most "minimalist" services including airfare, hotel, pick-up and drop-off at the airport. The rest are tourists themselves. Experience this type of tour with today!

What is a Free & Easy Tour?
Including the most minimalist travel services for your trip such as transportation, accommodation, free & easy service packages to help you be flexible and convenient in your schedule, especially the cost of transportation. Same savings compared to booking each service individually.

What type of tourists is Free & Easy suitable for?
Young, dynamic, passionate people do not like to be restrained
Tourists who want to have a true short vacation trip, have a small schedule and want to enjoy resort / hotel services mainly.
Traveling combined with visiting relatives, medical examinations or business trips. – Specializing in attractive Free & Easy Tour services
Coming to, you will easily find attractive Free & Easy tours such as Vietnam free and easy tours, Ho Chi Minh free and easy tours…
We are a travel company offering all tour packages and travel services around Vietnam at competitive prices and we take our responsibility for the quality of your tours until the end.
With many years experience in hospitality and tourism, our consultant team surely provides you with necessary information before the trip and full assistance during the trip and after!

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To take advantage of our excellence in taxi service and for any special arrangements, we recommend you phone or email us 24 hours before your arrival/departure.
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