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How To Feed Maltese Puppies

Belgian Malinois, maltese puppies, Scottish Terriers
What are the advantages and disadvantages?

What are the distinctive features of each of these dogs?
Let's explore and learn with to help you make a choice for yourself!
Characteristics of dog types: Belgian Malinois, maltese puppies, Scottish Terriers
Belgian Malinois
The Belgian Malinois is a Belgian shepherd dog. The Malinois is with a well-proportioned, square, and reasonably weighted body: Males from 61–66 cm tall, weighing about 25–30 kg; Females are 56–61 cm tall, weighing about 20–25 kg
This dog has chest-deep, back slightly sloping down from shoulder to shoulder.
Black nose and tight lips
Moderately brown, almond-colored eyes
The erect ears are triangular
The character of a Malinois
The Malinois is one of the popular professional breeds thanks to its strong instincts for performing security tasks such as crime detection and ambulance, explosives detection, and flammable substances (during fires), and drugs...
Besides, Malinois is also suitable for the family. The Malinois is smart and obedient, and they are careful. Malinois is also perfect for families with young children if they are well instructed.
The Belgian Malinois is a fairly active breed, so it's better if you have a moderately large yard. Or take your dog for a daily walk and exercise. You better treat it as a family member and not keep it in a kennel.
Maltese puppies
The Maltese are a small breed native to Europe. The Maltese is quite small in size and has long seductive white hair. The mature Maltese is just under 25cm and weighs about 2-3kg.
The characteristics of the Maltese:
The head is small, round
The face very cute
Black eyes blinked flexibly
The black nose is slightly larger than the eyes
The mouth is small, the ears are long hanging down
The personality of the Maltese
Maltese is small, dynamic, and very mischievous. They always like to run around everywhere. If locked in for too long indoors, the Maltese could develop autism and become quieter. So when keeping the Maltese you will have to spend a lot of time walking them in large spaces.
Maltese is very friendly with people. They are smart, listen to their owners, and quickly absorb the rules and commands your order.
Obedient and friendly but Maltese seems to be a bit picky about eating. They are very whiny and want to be pampered. Therefore, you need to teach them strictly from the first day of adoption.
The Maltese adapt well to cold climates, thanks to their thick, cotton-like hair. On the contrary, they are very afraid of the summer, in the summer you need to cut their hair to the neatest, coolest.
Scottish Terriers
The Scotch terrier is a small dog with a compact body, short and strong legs.
They have a small head
The muzzle is elongated, slightly narrow towards the nose
Large and strong teeth
The eyes are small in almond-shaped
The long and hard hair, and softer on the limbs and abdomen
The personality of a Scotch terrier
Scotch terrier has a volatile personality: they are easily cheerful or irritable, angry... They are also quite stubborn, so you need to strictly teach from a young age.
The Scotch terrier has the courage and high dignity and is a very conscientious, vigilant, and great watchman.
They are small but powerful and independent. If you spend a lot of time taking care of them, they will be a loyal member of the family.
We just explore the personalities and characteristics of Belgian Malinois, Maltese puppies, and Scottish Terriers. Have you chosen a puppy that suitable for your family? Hopefully, this information has been helpful to you!
And if you are a dog-lover and looking for a reliable source of info join and see more!

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