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The address that provides the best quality rare spices

Are you a lover of Central Highlands cuisine?
But you don't know where to sell ingredients for spices in the Central Highlands.

Don't fret, we invite you to the world of all-natural Central Highlands spices at Doispice Co.Ltd - buying these ingredients is easy.
The best for your choice
Competitive price
All products at Doispice are carefully selected for quality, and product prices are very competitive in the market.
Quality products that meet Iso, VICB, Jas-Anz standards…
Committed to 100% product quality and price, providing customers with safe products at reasonable prices.
Quality products
In Vietnam, spices such as Mackhen pepper; Maqaw may chang, Long pepper; Phu quoc pepper… are grown naturally on hilly areas without the support of fertilizers or pesticides because this is a tree that comes from the forest, so it grows very strongly.
Locals collect their seeds and fruits and then sell them to Doispice. We store and preserve them very carefully, without using any preservatives in order to bring consumers the best and healthy spices.
The product is 100% natural and is not harmful to consumers' health.
Professional staff
Professional staff from Doispice will support and advise customers in the fastest, most accurate and enthusiastic way, committed to 100% customers will be satisfied with our quality and service.
The address that provides the best quality rare spices
At Doispice, we specialize in selecting the most rare and quintessential spices from Vietnam, imbued with traditional spices.
Our company specializes in exporting rare spices originating from the mountains and forests of Vietnam, completely natural with attractive flavors but still unknown to the world.
Popular spices include: Mackhen pepper (mắc khén); Long pepper; Phu quoc pepper…and many other standard spices.
Check out our products at!
Contact us
If you are interested in our products, please contact us immediately:
Doispice Co.Ltd
Phone: (+84) 965 184 358
Address: 40 Phung Hung, Hoa Binh, Vietnam
We are ready to advise and assist you.
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